Christian Standard Index

1967 - 1993


This index provides author, title, and subject access to the articles from these years.

This index was compiled from the indexes published in the last issue of each year of the Christian Standard from 1967 through 1993. It is, therefore, not exhaustive (e.g. news items are not indexed), but it is otherwise complete.

Please note that the 1967 and 1968 annual indexes were not topically arranged so a subject index has been constructed for these years based on later subject headings. A list of all the subject headings used in this index follows the introduction.

For each article indexed, the following information is listed: the year the article was published, the page the article begins on, the author's last name, and the title of the article. The articles for each subject are arranged chronologically beginning with the most recent year. Within each year the articles are arranged alphabetically by title.

When an article is a part of a series, a comma will appear after the page number. The same title will appear for each part with no indication of which particular part it is (e.g. part 1, part 2). If an article has multiple authors, a comma will appear after the first author's last name. The year, the page number, and the title will remain the same for all additional authors listed for that particular article.

This index was compiled by the staff of the Jessie C. Eury Library of Lincoln Christian University and edited by Nancy J. Olson. Thanks to Standard Publishing for granting us permission to publish this copyrighted index on the web. This index supplements the six-volume print edition of the Christian Standard Index, 1866-1966. Beginning in 1994, the Christian Standard is indexed in the Christian Periodical Index.