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Hymnals of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Enos E. Dowling Hymnal Collection

Hymn: Mary to the Saviour's tomb (FL)

Hymnal: The Christian Psalmist

Date: 1850

Compiler: Silas W Leonard and A D Fillmore

Publisher/Printer: S W Leonard

First Line: Mary to the Saviour's tomb

Topic: <no topic given>

Writer: <no first name given> <no last name given>

Composer: S Marsh

Meter: 7 double

Tune: Martyn

Hymn Number: <no hymn number given>

Page Number: 024, click to see hymnal pages


Mary to the Sa-viour's tomb
Hasted at the early Dawn
For a-while she linger-ing stood,
Spice she brought, and sweet perfume,
But the Lord she loved had gone;
Filled with sorrow and surprise,
Trembling while a crystal flood
Issued from her weeping eyes.

But her sorrows quickly fled,
When she heard his welcome voice;
Christ had risen from the dead,
Now he bids her heart rejoice,
What a change his word can make,
Turning darkness into day!
Ye who weep for Jesus' sake,
He will wipe your tears away.