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Hymnals of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Enos E. Dowling Hymnal Collection

Hymn: Let party names no more (FL)

Hymnal: The Christian Psalmist

Date: 1850

Compiler: Silas W Leonard and A D Fillmore

Publisher/Printer: S W Leonard

First Line: Let party names no more

Topic: <no topic given>

Writer: <no first name given> <no last name given>

Composer: Silas Leonard

Meter: SM

Tune: Clark

Hymn Number: <no hymn number given>

Page Number: 049, click to see hymnal pages


Let par-ty names no more
The Chris-tian world o'er-spread,
Gen-tile and Jew, and bond and free
Are one in Christ our head.

Among the saints on earth,
Let fervent love be found;
Heirs of the same inheritance,
With equal blessings crowned.

Thus will the church below
Resemble that above,
Where streams of pleasure ever flow
And every heart is love.