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Hymnals of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Enos E. Dowling Hymnal Collection

Hymn: To go from my home and with kindred to part (FL)

Hymnal: The Christian Psalmist

Date: 1850

Compiler: Silas W Leonard and A D Fillmore

Publisher/Printer: S W Leonard

First Line: To go from my home and with kindred to part

Topic: <no topic given>

Writer: <no first name given> <no last name given>


Meter: 11s


Hymn Number: 133

Page Number: 165, click to see hymnal pages


TO go from my home, and with kindred to part,

To break up my friendships, affects not my heart,

Like leaving that blissful and holy place where

Jehovah lias heard and has answered my prayer,

And has answered my prayer.

And often the Saviour has come to my bower,

In all the rich fullness of love and of power,

And raptured my spirit ineffably there,

Inditing in heaven's own language my prayer,

Own language my prayer.

The early sweet notes of the loved nightingale

My hours of devotion would faithfully tell-

Would call me to duty, while birds in the air

Sang anthems of praises as I went to prayer,

As I went to prayer.

How sweet were the zephyrs perfumed by the pine,

The ivy, the balsam, the wild eglantine,

But sweeter, O sweeter the pleasures which there

I often have tasted while offering my prayer,

While offering my prayer.

But soon I must bid my loved bower adieu,

And leave for a region that's distant and new;

Yet O, blessed thought! I've a friend everywhere,

Who will, in all places, give ear to my prayer,

Give ear to my prayer.

Through life's troubled scenes I will fearlessly go,

Move onward with triumph o'er every foe:

I'll never, no, never indulge in despair,

For Jesus will grant the requests of my prayer,

The requests of my prayer.

His love and his power he will daily impart

To strengthen my mind and to gladden my heart:

And when on my deathbed, he'll be with me there,

And take me to heaven in answer to prayer,

In answer to prayer.

And high in the mansions of glory and joy,

My soul shall be blessed with delightful employ-

Be freed from all sorrow, and anguish and care-

And bask in his smile who has answered my prayer,

Who has answered my prayer.