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Hymnals of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Enos E. Dowling Hymnal Collection

Hymn: If life's pleasures charm thee (FL)

Hymnal: The Christian Psalmist

Date: 1850

Compiler: Silas W Leonard and A D Fillmore

Publisher/Printer: S W Leonard

First Line: If life's pleasures charm thee

Topic: <no topic given>

Writer: <no first name given> <no last name given>

Composer: A Crifield


Tune: Rock of Salvation

Hymn Number: <no hymn number given>

Page Number: 352, click to see hymnal pages


If life's pleasures charm thee, Christian, give them not thy heart,

Let the gift en-snare thee, Christian, and from God thou part;

His favor seek, his praises speak,

Fix here your hopes founda-tion;

Serve him and he will ev-er be 

The Rock of your Sal-va-tion.

If distress befall thee, Christian, painful though it be,

Let not grief appal thee, Christian-to thy Saviour flee,

He, ever near thy prayer will hear,

And calm thy purturbation;

The waves of woe shall not o'erthrow

The Rock of thy Salvation.

When earth's prospects fail thee, Christian, let it not distress,

Better comforts wait thee, Christian, Christ will surely bless

To Jesus flee-your help he'll be,

Your heavenly consolation;

For griefs below cannot o'erthrow

The Rock of thy Salvation.

Dangers may approach thee, Christian, let them not alarm,

Christ will ever watch thee, Christian, and protect from harm:

He near thee stands, with mighty hands,

To ward off each temptation;

To Jesus fly-he's ever nigh,

The Rock of thy Salvation.

Let not death alarm thee, Christian, shrink not from his blow,

For thy God will arm thee, Christian, victory bestow;

And death shall bring to thee no sting,

The grave no desolation;

'T is sweet to die with Jesus nigh,

The Rock of our Salvation.