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Hymnals of the Stone-Campbell Movement

Enos E. Dowling Hymnal Collection

Hymn: My buried friends can I forget (FL)

Hymnal: The Christian Psalmist

Date: 1850

Compiler: Silas W Leonard and A D Fillmore

Publisher/Printer: S W Leonard

First Line: My buried friends can I forget

Topic: <no topic given>

Writer: <no first name given> <no last name given>


Meter: 8s


Hymn Number: <no hymn number given>

Page Number: 363, click to see hymnal pages


My buried friends can I forget?

Or must the grave eternal sever?

They linger in my memory yet,

And in my heart they'll live forever.

They lov'd me once with love sincere,

And never did their love deceive me;

But often in my conflicts here,

They rallied quickly to relieve me.

I heard them bid the world adieu;

I saw them on the rolling billow;

Their far-off home appeared in view,

While yet they press'd a dying pillow.

I heard the parting pilgrim tell,

While passing Jordan's stormy river,

"Adieu to earth for all is well;

Now all is well with me forever."

O how I long to join their wing,

And range their fields of blooming flowers!

Come, holy watchers, come and bring

A mourner to your blissful bowers.

I'd speed with rapture on my way,

Nor would I pause at Jordan's river;

With songs I'd enter endless day,

And live with my lov'd friends forever.